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Sense of Community

  • Rosehill is always looking for ways to contribute to the local Lisle community.  Here are just some of the ways we’ve contributed and participated in community:
    • Rosehill makes an annual food donation to the Lisle Food Pantry around the Thanksgiving holiday
    • Rosehill is a proud donor to the Lisle Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Lisle.
    • The school had an anniversary tree planted in Dragonfly Landing Park in Lisle to commemorate the school’s 40th anniversary.
    • The school also has a long-standing tradition of participation in the Village of Lisle’s 4th of July and Santa Parade.
    • Staff and students participate in various conservation efforts in the community for Earth Day.
  • Rosehill also fosters a sense of community among families and the staff through hosting various events throughout the year to give our families more opportunities to connect.
    • Examples of typical events include:
      • Potluck dinners
      • Meet and greets at the park
      • Mom’s night and Dad’s night at the school
      • Movie nights
      • Cultural celebrations at the school
      • Play nights at local venues